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Who is Martin?

With his witty persona and TV style magic, Martin is a fantastic addition to any event. Be it parties, weddings, barmitzvahs, corporate or public events, you are guaranteed a truly magical experience you will never forget!

As a member of the highly prestigious Magic Circle, you can be safe in the knowledge that Martin will bamboozle your guests with everyday objects such as cards, money, rings and even your mobile phone.

As a member of Equity, Martin has Public Liability Insurance, covering for up to £10,000,000.

What does he do?

Whether it’s a young child, stroppy teenager, a cheeky lad, a reserved sceptic, someone with a really short attention span or someone who just loves to watch magic, Martin’s vast knowledge of his craft ensures all ages and characters are catered for. His equal ability to capture people’s imaginations and take them on a magical journey ensures each and every person is left with a wonderful, magical memory.

In 2016, Martin made history by pushing magic into realms never explored and becoming a double Guinness World Holder in the process! The records (Most Magic Tricks Performed in a Wind Tunnel in 3 Minutes / Most Magic Tricks Performed on a Skydive) were achieved to raise money for the children’s charity Spread a Smile. For more information on the world records, click here…

How do I book him?

Simple! The quickest & easiest way to contact is via the instant contact & booking form.

 Channel 5’s ‘Magic Makes You Laugh Out Loud!’ 

 Martin’s record breaking antics were recently featured on Channel 5’s Magic Makes You Laugh Out Loud. Check out the interview and see what Martin is up to next in the video link above…

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