Online magic shows are similar in style to a stage show, except more intimate and with more opportunities to get all participants involved in the moment. Most guests tend to find they get so immersed in the experience; they forget they are actually watching online!

As a private booking, the experience can be customised. If you have either a photo or product/project logo you can send over, this can be incorporated into a surprise, bespoke piece of magic during the show. Also, if anyone in your group deserves a particular shout out, this can also be incorporated in a fun and exciting reveal during the show.

Very much so! The show is designed to bring the group together and leave all feeling inspired, energised, spellbound and ready to make their own magical mark on the world.

Although martin is based in the uk, there isn’t any restrictions on the hours he works so most time zones can be accommodated.

The Secrets of Magic Experience is family friendly and suited to children aged 5+.
The Secrets of Magic: Gift of Giving Back is a more emotive experience and suited to children aged 12+.

Zoom is the preferred platform for the show, however the show works as well on Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Webex and Bluejeans.

This experience is ideal as a work ‘offsite’ or team building activity.

Depending on the lockdown situation in your area, there are 2 options:

Direct feed to school/classroom
With a laptop/computer camera facing the students & a large enough display for all to clearly see the screen, the experience will be no different than if Martin was standing there in person.

Students sign onto session from their respective locations
If lockdown restrictions mean students aren’t able to attend school, the talk can be fully achieved over zoom, or your preferred video platform.

Yes, if you are looking to book the experience as a gift for someone, please confirm the details of this on the enquiry form and you will receive a gift voucher once payment has been received. gift vouchers can be redeemed at any time, subject to availability.

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