Growing up in the sleepy seaside town of Weymouth, Dorset on the South West coast of the UK, Martin was bitten by the magic bug at the age of 4 after receiving his first magic set for Christmas. Since that day, he has dedicated his life to creating little moments of joy and wonder for people, in increasingly magnificent ways.

For Martin, magic isn’t just about doing fancy tricks or being a ‘show off’. It’s about making a connection with someone on a level that momentarily transports them to a world where anything is possible. With a kind soul, open heart and witty banter; Martin has the ability to instantly put an audience at ease and let them instinctively know they are in for a good time.

In addition to the Guinness World Records, other notable moments in Martin’s career include being the resident backstage magician for BBC’s Children in Need & Sports Relief, performing at Gandalf himself – Sir Ian McKellen’s 80th birthday party and consulting for psychic illusionist – Uri Geller’s attempt to get a Guinness World Record for the world’s largest spoon!

– Charity Work –

On the 8th January 2015, Martin attended Great Ormond Street Hospital in London on his first visit with the children’s charity Spread a Smile, who provide entertainment as therapy for children with life threatening & terminal illnesses in hospitals.

Meeting these incredible children had a profound effect on Martin, not only showing him what the true secret of magic is, but also how to use magic as a means to inspire and motivate others.

Each of the world record attempts have been inspired by the children Martin has worked with through Spread a Smile and he is now an ambassador for the charity, extending the joy & wonder to audiences around the world.

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Since achieving his first 2 Guinness World Records in 2016, Martin has provided motivational talks in secondary schools, 6th forms & universities with Gift charity.

These talks formed the groundwork for the initial Airbnb Experience – Secrets of Magic at Kings Cross Station, which has subsequently evolved to the Secrets of Magic online experience during these Covid times.

Martin continues to provide motivational talks for schools online, either with a screen direct to the students in the classroom or with students tuning in from their homes during lockdown.

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