Corporate Events

Corporate events come in many different forms, shapes and sizes.

Throughout his career, Martin has become a big hit within the corporate world both in the UK and abroad.

Just some of the events Martin has performed at include;

  • Trade Shows
  • Exhibitions
  • Motivational Seminars
  • Award Ceremonies
  • University Balls
  • Publicity Launches
  • Annual/Christmas Parties
  • Television Events
  • Wrap Parties

Martin’s charismatic and approachable persona makes him an excellent crowd puller for public events such as trade shows, publicity launches and exhibitions. This has worked well for companies in the past as Martin incorporates the product/business details into the magic to ensure it gets maximum exposure.

Magic is an excellent option for a business party/event as it provides fantastic entertainment without detracting from the event itself.

Whether you require him to mix & mingle or perform more of a cabaret/stage show, Martin can tailor his performance style to suit your event.

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